German Walther Pistole 38 (P38)

The Walther P38 needs little introduction to weapons collectors. Adopted by the German military in 1938, it was revolutionary in that it could be fired double action on the first shot, allowing it to be carried with the hammer down and a round in the chamber. Another interesting feature is the locking system. The barrel and slide are locked together by a tilting locking piece. On recoil of the barrel-slide assembly, the locking piece is tilted out of engagement with the slide, which then extracts and ejects the empty case and chambers a new cartridge on the forward movement. The P38 was particularly modern in that it utilized a number of stamped parts. This sample is marked ‘AC’ over ‘43’ indicating manufacture by Walther in early 1943, later pistols of that year were produced with ‘AC43’ in a line.

This pistol retains a good percentage of its original finish, is Nazi marked and is supplied with a London Proof House certificate.



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